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80s Gaming Classics: Pac Man

Have you got a 20 for me? In the day, it was actually Ms Pac Man that got played the most. But it all started with Pac Man. Now you can relive the 80s with a flash version of this games arcade classic. We’ve got a bunch of other seminal […]

Video: Ladies! Have a night of sex with this guy! On Thursday!] The Indian dude in the legendary Chicken Licken “singing burger” TV ad is Sans Moonsamy. In another life he is The Love Guru Deepa, 60-year-old sexpert, lover, wife,  mother and runner-up in The Kama Sutra World Champs 1974. Guru Deepa shares her sexual knowledge and experience alongside leading sexologist  Dr Elna McIntosh in a two-hour […]

Video: Words & Music by Inspector Ras

The Near Misses – In The Movies (Live) The card-carrying Worst Band In JoburgTM, live and direct, from Smugglers, north of the Witkoppen Road psychological boundary with the far north of Jozi… As The Crow Flies My band, The Near Misses live at Jozi Studios… Angry People A poem of […]

Books by Hagen Engler

Life’s A Beach by Hagen Engler “At home people are running around screaming in Peruvian with suitcases they haven’t closed properly, so there are clothes on the floor everywhere – like everyone’s in standard eight watching porn at some guy’s house and his mom’s just got home. Big trouble. I […]

The Wednesday pants

Chip couldn’t find his tracksuit pants, and that was the start of all the trouble.             “I’m very… I need everything to be just right, you know? So when I go to gym on a Wednesday, I’ve gotta have my Wednesday pants. But I couldn’t find them.”             He stands […]

Excavator ride!

If this blogging thing ever stops earning us so much money, we’re going to work on a construction site. All we’ll do there will be hook ourselves up to the excavator and tell our mate to swing us around like this. We may also wear a ball-box while we do […]

Video: Lil Wayne DGAF!

This appears to be some kind of deposition in a civil lawsuit between Weezy and Quincy Jones. Wayne’s utter contempt for authority figures is clear from the outset. Wayne is suing Quincy over the use of his music in the doccie following the making of Tha Carter III. Super unco-operative, […]

Charlie and the Benoni taxi ride

With any luck it’ll be platform 6.             Park Station is in the middle of a power failure, so the bowels of the building are cloaked in a clinging darkness. Flitting shapes of commuters pour down the subterranean causeway like miners down a shaft. I’m swept aboard the 8825.             […]