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Video: Psychedelic boeremusiek from 1969!

This comes courtesy of SA music legend Nico Carstens, from the film Stadig Oor Die Klippe, also starring Al Debbo. Obviously we know nothing, but we’ve never seen boeremusiek sound so jazzy and hip. Apparently, in some hardcore circles, only boeremusiek produced before the Second World War is deemed authentic. […]

Comrade Baby and the Gateway To Hell

We entered the Gateway to Hell just outside Krugersdorp. It was only the conversational Gateway to Hell. But it can be just as uncomfortable. Let me explain. I’m married to a magnificent black woman of glory, strength and wisdom. A lot of people who don’t know her, and with a […]

Video: Sexy lady athlete alert: Michelle Jenneke

You know how you some athletes are real sexy? Well here’s one. Michelle Jenneke is her name. She’s an Australian hurdler and here she is performing at this year’s Junior World Championships in the women’s 110m hurdles. And to make matters even better, she can actually perform. The 19-year-old won […]

Four hours’ training – in 20 minutes!

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Video: Police chase of the moment

All the boxes ticked here. Truck stolen, entire city police force in pursuit, shots fired, up the wrong way of the highway, blazing flames engulfing lumber truck, schoolbus almost cancelled… Yip, this is pretty much how it’s done.

Video: Blog showcase:

Just that. Girls in yoga pants. Dot com. The lovely ladies of our carbon-based planet in that most flattering of fashion items, the yoga pant. There’s frontal shots, some celeb pics, a lot of self-shot iphone mirror pics in the ladies’ change room after gym and rather a few of […]

Getting back in the game…

Much has been written about drinking and its debilitating effects on the human body, mind and spirit. All largely true.     Taken with the wisdom of such insights, I once stopped drinking completely for five years. Half a decade! Five years of not one drop of booze.The benefits were many: […]

Fit to be exterminated: Felicity’s first gig

Felicity was fresh out of varsity in Durban. Arts degree. She’d blown them away at her first interview and walked into a dream job at an advertising agency. She was all set for the big time. The agency had some awesome brands. Fashion and grooming, motoring, banking, telecoms, food…Of course, […]