SA Rugby Random Cliche Generator

You’re a professional rugby player. You spend your life running full pace into massive okes the size of hippos that go to gym lank. Fans across the entire country and the planet put their hopes, dreams and Superbru picks on your shoulders every weekend. As if that’s not enough, here comes a journalist to ask you questions.

Luckily you have the SA Rugby Random Cliche Generator to fall back on. Hit refresh for your next statement. In  between, just say, “It’s all part of the game.”

// ============================================== // Copyright 2004 by // Free for all; but please leave in this header. // ============================================== var Quotation=new Array() // do not change this! // Set up the quotations to be shown, below. // To add more quotations, continue with the // pattern, adding to the array. Remember // to increment the Quotation[x] index! Quotation[0] = “They were scrumming in.”; Quotation[1] = “Anything can happen.”; Quotation[2] = “Spirit is good in the camp.”; Quotation[3] = “The boys have been working hard”; Quotation[4] = “Ja, no. definitely. Great energy, great vibe.”; Quotation[5] = “We just got to stick to our game plan.”; Quotation[6] = “We need to play the game in their half.”; Quotation[7] = “We need front foot ball.”; Quotation[8] = “Yes, for sure. We need to focus for 80 minutes.”; Quotation[9] = “Invention is the mother of too many useless toys.”; Quotation[10] = “We looking very forward.”; Quotation[11] = “We don’t want to underestimate them.”; Quotation[12] = “At the end of the day it’s about going out and representing the team.”; Quotation[13] = “It’s gonna be a very tough match.”; Quotation[14] = “Massively excited, and honoured.”; Quotation[15] = “It’s been a hard week for the boys.”; Quotation[16] = “We’ve got an unbelievable amount of youngsters coming through the system.”; Quotation[17] = “It’s unbelievable.”; Quotation[18] = “We made it too easy for them. Didn’t take our chances.”; Quotation[19] = “Hopefully next time we can put up a better performance.”; Quotation[20] = “It’s still early days.”; Quotation[21] = “Back to the drawing board.”; Quotation[22] = “I’m proud of what we’ve achieved.”; Quotation[23] = “There’s been a lot of soul-searching.”; Quotation[24] = “It’s unbelievable.”; Quotation[25] = “We took full advantage.”; Quotation[26] = “It doesn’t happen every day.”; Quotation[27] = “All credit to the guys.”; Quotation[28] = “No, we over the moon.”; Quotation[29] = “Very proud of the guys.”; Quotation[30] = “We gonna enjoy this victory, and refocus on Monday.”; Quotation[31] = “You have a go and try put them on the back foot.”; Quotation[32] = “You can’t buy experience.”; Quotation[33] = “You have a go and try put them on the back foot.”; Quotation[34] = “At least there’s some continuity going forward.”; Quotation[35] = “It’s do or die stuff, you know.”; Quotation[36] = “You need to put phases together.”; Quotation[37] = “If they get it right, you in for a long day in the office.”; Quotation[38] = “It’s difficult to say.”; Quotation[39] = “It’s fifty-fifty.”; Quotation[40] = “They got a good team.”; Quotation[41] = “It doesn’t get any tougher than this.”; Quotation[42] = “We’ll be back next week, definitely.”; Quotation[43] = “No, it’s a must-win situation.”; Quotation[44] = “Our focus is on our plan.”; Quotation[45] = “Executing for eighty minutes.”; Quotation[46] = “It could’ve gone either way, you know.”; Quotation[47] = “We showed what we made of.”; Quotation[48] = “The okes showed character.”; Quotation[49] = “It’s gonna be a tough ask.”; Quotation[50] = “It was always gonna be physical.”; Quotation[51] = “As a team we’ve really come a long way.”; Quotation[52] = “I felt it was momentum swing in the last 20 minutes.”; Quotation[53] = “There is a reason it’s called Test rugby.”; Quotation[54] = “He’s a real X-facter player, so you never know”; Quotation[55] = “There’s a lot to work on during the week”; Quotation[56] = “We proud ourselves on our lineout accuracy”; Quotation[57] = “Just a matter of getting the ball and converting pressure into points”; Quotation[58] = “They a quality side”; Quotation[59] = “We gonna have to bounce back from this”; Quotation[60] = “We gotta make sure we tick all the boxes”; // ====================================== // Do not change anything below this line // ====================================== var Q = Quotation.length; var whichQuotation=Math.round(Math.random()*(Q-1)); function showQuotation(){document.write(Quotation[whichQuotation]);} showQuotation();

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