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How you know you’re forty!

While you’re snogging to Purple Rain, watching Ferdi in the garden on Big Brother and queuing to buy nappies at Woolworths, time is marching on. Next thing you know, you’ll see fresh-faced cherubs purchasing liquor, someone who must be still a child driving a Polo… A bearded beast of an […]

Video: Taking frisbee to the cutting edge…

…where it belongs! Yeah man! The outrageously chinned Ronn Moss, aka Ridge Forrester from the Bold & The Beautiful makes a rare feature movie appearance here in the timeless Eighties classic Hard Ticket To Hawaii. Check out the greatest frisbee scene in a movie. Ronn stars as undercover drug operative […]

The Spear: Straight Outta The Art Ghetto

In my mind, Brett Murray’s painting, The Spear, is art in its most powerful form. It has challenged people’s values, spoken truth to power, caused controversy, stimulated national debate and transcended the elitist ghetto where this kind of art traditionally resides. That it has done so largely because of the […]

Video: You’ll probably hate The Buckfever Underground!

This band is so beyond the purview of conventional entertainment that anyone with mainstream expectations of what an artist should deliver is bound to be disappointed. If not disappointed, then quite possibly angered. Pissed off. “What shit is this?” is not an unheard of complaint at a Buckfever Underground show. […]

Video: Joan As Police Woman – The Ride

We were turned on to this in the artist sampler of a recent issue of Mojo. In that context it was meant to be part of Paul Weller’s mod movement. Quite what it has in common with that dude, we don’t quite see. However it has served to represent for […]