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Settle-down time for the people of the South

The South is a strange place to most people, but if you come from there, it’s like home. Not, like Rosettenville, more Oakdene, Bassonia. Me and my mates all still stay there. We grew up together, and we still there. There’s houses in Glen Vista that are about R900 000 […]

Video: Earthworms versus the Internet!

There these worms! All my life I’ve known they’re there, in the Ciskei. That’s all the Ciskei represents to me, except prickly pears, and massive, massive, enormously long earthworms. I’ve heard they grow up to seven metres long. And they live in the soil around Debe Nek. There’s an area […]

When the memories come out to play…

“There aren’t many Pirates fans in PE,” says Xolisa, gesturing to the expanse of Zanzibar, which, on match days is packed with punters. Just then a guy walks into the bar wearing a Pirates shirt. It’s Baby’s old mate Trevor. He’s known. He’s a successful guy. Just as we’re saying […]