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Me and Dad save the day in the ’81 floods

At the moment rain is bollocking down over Jo’burg, from where I write this column. A glance out the window show Randburg wreathed in grey, with a black lump of a cloud depositing lashings of rain on that wretched suburb. But no suburb has been spared. I don’t think I’ve […]

A prophesy that took a while to come through

As a young boy of four years old, I remember getting my first lesson in African history from my mother, who was born and raised in the Transkei. Why, I had asked her, do black people all have to work for white people? It’s because, my mom explained to me, […]

Windfalls and what they do to you

It was a Saturday arvie when it happened. A Saturday arvie in the Fence parking lot at Kings Beach. It was during our first holiday back from varsity – my best mate was at UCT and I was at Rhodes.The wind was blowing homping west and it was on of […]