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Let’s just laugh

I didn’t receive that particular memo, but I believe comedians telling actual jokes went out of fashion some time around 1992. After that, observational humour became the thing. “Did you ever notice…” followed by a series of riffs on relatively funny aspects of everyday life that the comedian has noticed. That’s stand-up […]

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Dam Or Bust Africa Bucket List Road Trip

By the time Google Maps and the Garmin had finished arguing with each other, we were on the R509 heading west from Joburg. When the sky is more attractive than the countryside, you know you’re on a godforsaken stretch of tarmac, and so it proved. But that’s the highveld in winter. […]

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More Characters Than A Keyboard!

This mullet, Gino Fabbri, is on at the Barnyard Theatres in Pretoria, Cresta and Emperors Palace this month. He is a mass of comedic talent and has mastered the rare skill of being tasteless in a tasteful manner. For more info go here. In the meantime, here’s a sampler of […]

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Something soft and something bolder

If I can make the bar, the far won’t set me back. Within a reach-around of Dirck, I’m set. I can smell my hone, my own is hell it’s home. Coat outside a schwitz, a beast inside it hits. A Malan mulling on my elbow, what he says is hard to tell though. Well sung, well write […]

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Lunatic perfectionism!

            Jeez, there are some shit bands. Don’t get me wrong, any band is a worthwhile exercise. You get to have more fun than adults should be allowed to have, you get to express yourself and ideally entertain some other people. But most of them are actually […]

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