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‘Nuclear is Dead’

This is economist and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin on why he thinks nuclear power is dead as a viable energy source. Rifkin is the president of the Foundation on Economic Trends and has written numerous books, on “the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the workforce, society, […]

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Shifty Records 30th Birthday Show

By Hagen Engler When Shifty Records was originally making its contribution to South African history, it might not have seemed so glorious. Sure, it was brave, and for the time it was visionary. But I imagine there was a lot of pretty unromantic, musos-in-a-studio type of stuff. Sound checks. Driving […]

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Larney Jou Poes – Dookoom

With South Africa the way it is, you wonder why there aren’t more artistic statements like this. As it is, political opinion of this impassioned, radical stripe is limited to your more Africanist poetry nights, Black Twitter, and of late, Parliament. If art reflects society, then this song and video […]

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The Collaborators

Despite being populated by independent stand-up artists, the vibrant SA comedy scene is rife with collaboration. That has been the key to its success. This piece first appeared in Wanted magazine By Hagen Engler The Late Nite News brainstorm room at the Diprente offices in Braamfontein is an intense place. […]

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Fokn Bois – Cos Ov Moni

The 35-minute dancehall rap adventure movie Cos Ov Moni claims to be the “first ever pidgin musical”. We like to think of it as the wickedest music video we’ve ever seen. It stars M3nsa and Wanlov da Kubolor, the two lyrical geniii who make up “Gospel Porn Rap” duo Fokn Bois. They’re from Ghana, […]

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