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Fokn Bois – Cos Ov Moni

The 35-minute dancehall rap adventure movie Cos Ov Moni claims to be the “first ever pidgin musical”. We like to think of it as the wickedest music video we’ve ever seen. It stars M3nsa and Wanlov da Kubolor, the two lyrical geniii who make up “Gospel Porn Rap” duo Fokn Bois. They’re from Ghana, […]

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Booze: A user’s guide

When one reads a book about drinking alcohol, one doesn’t do so with a sense of scholarly detachment. At least I don’t. I did so with a six-pack of Castle Lite long-toms. And that was as it should be, because Chris and Luke Muller’s Drink This In: Uncorking The World Of Alcohol is […]

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The Flaming De Villes – Love! Sick! Deranged!

Like your rockabilly? The Flaming De Villes are a four-piece out of Cape Town who do too. You guys should hook up! Their video for Love! Sick! Deranged! is about outdoor lapdancing, a highly undersubscribed art form. Especially the kind where you down a bottle of vodka while getting one, then get whipped […]

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