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The People Behind the Street Names

[This piece first appeared in True Love magazine.] By Hagen Engler As our young democracy grows into a vibrant, multicultural society, it’s crucial to remain aware of the contribution made by those who came before us. South African street name policy is that only in exceptional cases will a street […]

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Wonderboom: The Santana Sessions

Wonderboom are the Rolling Stones of South Africa. Their unbroken career rocking the country stretches back to 1996. So this year they’re building up to their 20th year in the game. To mark the occasion, the rock legends are re-recording several of their classic tracks and filming videos. The project is called […]

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Short movie – Vajazzle

Dave misses his anniversary dinner. Charlotte has given herself a special vagina vajazzle for the occasion. So when Dave spends the special night down the pub, it’s time for Charlotte to cook up revenge of the most ingenious kind… This wickedly hilarious short is produced by New Zealand outfit Rodrigo films. […]

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Behold the work of Pieter Hugo

Arts portal Artsy have a cool new page for South African photographer Pieter Hugo. It’s well worth checking out and then browsing the site from there… The above image was taken on Green Point Common in 2013, and it’s from the series, “Kin”. The one below was taken in 2010 at […]

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