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The water’s end

[This piece first appeared in Journey magazine] Hagen Engler accompanies his father on a nostalgic return to a desert dam in Africa. “Ah, well,” my father shrugs, as he contemplates his greatest work of engineering. The disappointment hangs heavy in the crisp Kalahari air. My dad, Fred, helped build the Gaborone […]

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Copyright Amendment Bill Submission

STATE OWNERSHIP OF COPYRIGHT I am initially concerned about the meaning of part (2) of Section 21 of the Act itself, which states: (2) Ownership of any copyright conferred by section 5 shall initially vest in the state or the international organization concerned, and not in the author. This seems to imply […]

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Safrea presents: GG Alcock

Awesome speaker at the next Safrea event! We host GG Alcock, author of Third World Child at the Library, Brazen Head Sandton, tomorrow night. GG grew up in a Zulu community in Msinga, KZN. Today, he runs Minanawe Marketing, an events and activation agency for the mass market. Third World […]

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My latest collab!

My latest book project is 415 Action-Packed Neighbourhood Marketing Tips, where I was a ghost writer for South African marketing legend Basil O’Hagan. You will know Basil as the man behind the O’Hagan’s Pub & Grill chain, as well as the Brazen Head chain of Irish restaurants. Both of those esteemed franchises […]

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Let’s just laugh

I didn’t receive that particular memo, but I believe comedians telling actual jokes went out of fashion some time around 1992. After that, observational humour became the thing. “Did you ever notice…” followed by a series of riffs on relatively funny aspects of everyday life that the comedian has noticed. That’s stand-up […]

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Dam Or Bust Africa Bucket List Road Trip

By the time Google Maps and the Garmin had finished arguing with each other, we were on the R509 heading west from Joburg. When the sky is more attractive than the countryside, you know you’re on a godforsaken stretch of tarmac, and so it proved. But that’s the highveld in winter. […]

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