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Places to go, minds to blow…

I put some mags on their table and just leave. I make like I’m only stopping by to drop off mags. I’ve got somewhere else to go. Still gotta swing by Angelo’s and Havanas and the Keg & Fox and the Hanging Judge, and 52, and Times Café, and um, […]

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The Near Misses – The Worst Band In Joburg™

  Shambolic five-piece rock band The Near Misses, from Johannesburg, South Africa, have been winning over audiences with their uniquely chaotic Afro-pop garage rock since way back in 2014. The Near Misses’ naïve innocence, and their raw, dynamic songs, impress all who see them – for better or worse. You either […]

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Low Pay Is Killing Journalism!

This is a statement by Safrea, the Southern African Freelancers’ Association Safrea, the Southern African Freelancers’ Association, has slammed the collapse in freelance editorial rates in South Africa as “threatening to kill journalism”. “The rates being paid for editorial journalism in this country are not enough to sustain a career […]

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Towards A White Wokeness

By Hagen Engler In the fraught contemporary social media environment, it can be intimidating to try to say anything of political relevance. Especially when you know you’re on the wrong side of history, and that your perspective and value system is tainted by your privileged upbringing in a racist, white supremacist system. […]

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