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Robin Auld – That Warm-Blooded Thing

Master musician Robin Auld is a storyteller too. He has also served his time as a pop star, rock star, shop assistant, local hero, guitar shredder, mystery expat troubadour, surfing waterman and more. He is also a white South African from the coastal provinces, so his musical and lyrical output reflects those cultural […]

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Vajazzle – funny, and about fanny!

Great hook, right? But wait, the story is cool too! It’s Charlotte and Dave’s wedding anniversary. To make it special, Charlotte goes to have her lady bits waxed – complete with a spectacular sequins-n-rhinestone vajazzle treatment. From there, things are all set for a magnificent night of anniversary ghoenings. But then […]

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Oscars: Behind the Scenes in the TV truck

The view from the TV truck as director Louis J Horvitz directs the 70th annual Academy Awards in 1997. Here he wills his team to capture the experience in all its manic exuberance as Cuba Gooding Jr steps up to collect his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Jerry Maguire. It’s an […]

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Bacon, I think we were scared of you…

In the old days, before Lorraine Primary built the new section, the school was basically just a quad with classrooms running around it. The kindergarten classes were in a wing running off the one side, and the headmaster’s office opposite that. So it was really like a big capital A. […]

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