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Dearest MaRiky

It was my great privilege to work with the incredible Louisa Zondo on her monumentally powerful and brave memoir, Dearest MaRiky: A Mother’s Journey through Grief, Trauma and Healing. Louisa can be credited as one of the co-founders of the New South Africa, in that she was amongst the leadership […]

Stand against bland

A book telling the tale of the rise to success of one of the youngest agency owners in the South African marketing sector. A proud, empathetic, uniquely creative and unapologetic black man from Soweto who has carved his own path in the industry – as a performer, a creative, an […]

Have hope, work for better

The Enyobeni tavern tragedy reveals a perfect storm of social failures across our entire social landscape.  What is now emerging is that a generator operated indoors may have been responsible for poisoning the 21 children who died in this latest South Africa horror.  Diesel generators, of course, are symptomatic of […]

Voices From SA: Cas Coovadia

Cas Coovadia is MD of the Banking Association South Africa BASA. Here he speaks to Nicholas Claude for the podcast Voices From SA about the SA political and social situation, Banking as a force for change, sustainability as well as his life as an activist. Click the image, or click […]

Wild in the world!

One of the most talented people to come out of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is a man named Zach Vincent. As such things tend to go, he truly came out of PE, going out into the world to follow his muse and find his fortune and was seldom seen again […]

Mantovani to Major Lazer

I listened to 65 years of number-one hits, so you don’t have to! Perhaps it is my South Africanness that compels me to categorise things. To analyse, compartmentalise instead of experience. But I insist that the analysis often leads me to a deeper understanding, and then a more rewarding experience. […]

I’m playing a show in PE for one night only!

  Over the the last *gasp* couple of decades, I’ve operated as a writer, poet, singer and spoken-word performer and assembled a decent body of work. I’d like to present a selection of it when I return to my coastal stronghold of Port Elizabeth later this month. It will be  […]

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